Growing old playfully: Neil Patrick Harris celebrates turning 40 with a trip to Disneyland with twin children and partner David Burtka.

Some people find growing up terrifying - with that landmark age of 40 scaring the wits out of many.

But not for every youthful actor Neil Patrick Harris - who celebrated his big four oh with a trip to Disneyland with his family.

The How I Met Your Mother star was joined by handsome partner actor and chef David Burtka, 38, and their cute-as-buttons twin children Gideon and Harper (aged two-and-a-half) for a day of fun on Wednesday.

The family were spotted enjoying the rides - with a jaunt on a roller-coaster and taking a spin in cups and saucers.

They were all casually dressed and all beaming as they spent quality time together.

Young daughter Harper appeared to be in the party spirit - wearing a pointy birthday hat as they stepped out together.

And in fact Neil and David will be looking forward to taking each other up the aisle as the boys are engaged to each other.

They will soon be celebrating ten years together - which is a fantastic achievement for any couple in love, with the boys serving as a true success story compared to most other celebrity pairings!


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